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Updated on : 08-04-2016

Circulars for the Year 2016

  1. Operationalization of the Budget and Expenditure Management System (BEMS) Software

Circulars for the Year 2015

  1.  OM dated 19.01.2015: Monitoring of expenditure during last quarter of the current financial year - Instructions - regarding.[PDF](725.31 KB)

  2. OM dated 13.03.2015: Approval for holding International/Domstic Conferences/Seminars/Workshops, etc.- timly submission of proposals and economy in official expenditure.


Circulars for the Year 2014

  1. OM dated 02.12.2014: Introduction of Pension Scheme on superannuation of employees of Autonomous Bodies (ABs) - detailed instructions from M/o Finance, D/o Expenditure - regarding.[PDF](153.44 KB)
  2. OM dated 05.11.2014: Expenditure Management - Eonomy Measures and Rationalisation of Expenditure, regarding.[PDF](160.06 KB)
  3. OM dated 22.08.2014: instrllctions/Guidielines for processing of foreign travel proposal. regardiing[PDF](313.6 KB).
  4. OM dated 08.07.2014: Deputation/Tour abroad- revised deputation proforma - regarding.[PDF](889.07 KB)
  5. OM dated 18.06.2014: Payment of sitting fee to non-official members appointed in various Committees constituted by MoEF.
  6. OM dated 09.06.2014: Instructions I Guidelines for processing of foreign travel Proposals - regarding.
  7. OM dated 15.04.2014: Instructions/Guidelines for processing of foreign travel proposals - regarding.
  8. OM dated 27.03.2014. Outsourcing of services of contractual staff in the Ministry -regarding.

Circulars for the Year 2013

  1. OM dated 19.09.2013: Expenditure Management - Economy Measures and Rationalisatrion of Expenditure, regarding.[PDF](2.78 MB)
  2. OM dated 09.09.2013: Deputation/Delegations abroad Concurrence of FA - regarding.
  3. OM dated 26.03.2013: Continuation of ongoing Schemes from Xlth to Xllth Plan; Instructions, regarding.
  4. OM dated 21.03.2013: Continuation of on-going Schemes from XI Plan to XII Plan - Instructions regarding.

Circulars for the Year 2012

  1. OM dated 31.12.2012: Payment to suppliers for goods procured under the DGS&D System of procurement - regarding.[PDF](58.71 KB)
  2. OM dated 10.09.2012: Continuation of ongoing Schemes from Xlth to Xllth Plan; Instructions, regarding.

Circulars for the Year 2011

  1. OM dated 12.09.2011: Composition of Evaluation Committees for the consultancies to be awarded - regarding[PDF](213.21 KB).
  2. OM dated 16.08.2011: Procedure to be followed for holding International Conferences/Workshops/Seminars etc.(Domestic & International) - regarding. [PDF](213.84 KB)
  3. OM dated 15.06.2011: National E-Governance Plan (NeGP) - Implementation of e-Procurement in Ministries/Departments - regarding.[PDF](276.49 KB)
  4. OM dated 14.06.2011: Regulation of claims of non-official members on various committees - regarding.[PDF](275.05 KB)
  5. OM dated 14.06.2011: Instructions/Guidelines for processing of foreign travel proposals -regarding.[PDF](207.89 KB)
  6. OM dated 30.05.2011: Implementation of the geographical area-based approach - regarding[PDF](304.38 KB).
  7. OM dated 23.05.2011: Outsourcing of services - instructions under Rule 178 of GFR - regarding.[PDF](129.3 KB)
  8. OM dated 27.05.2011: Procurement of services on single source basis/choice/suo-motu proposals - guidelines under Rule 164 of GFR - regarding.[PDF](135.99 KB)
  9. OM dated 11.04.2011: Engagement of Consultants - instructions under Rule 164 of General Financial Rules -regarding.[PDF](111.39 KB)