• State clearly the objective of the project :


  • Location of the project (attach map to a suitable scale) :                                       


Town/Tehsil …….      District…………             State………

      Latitude   ………..      Longitude ………..


  • Names & distances from the nearest :


State/National Highway                        Railway Station                    Airport


  • Name of the agency proposing the new construction project


Name of the Chief Executive & Postal address


Contact particulars (Tel/Fax/e-mail)


Type of project: Housing project/Industrial Estate or others


·        Estimated cost of the project


      Land cost                             Estimated construction cost


      Cost of the Plant & machinery





·      General topography

·      Specify general features of land

            Tree cover-prominent species



            Soil characteristics

            Natural drainage pattern

     Flood prone areas

·      Geological features including seismic zone

·      Existing landuse (area &percentages) map

            (to include agricultural & non-agricultural uses,

            commercial, industrial dense/open forests,

            fallow land, human settlements,

            water bodies,transport systems etc.)

·      Predominant activities

     – residential,institutional,commercial etc

·      Special features :

(such as tourist spots, monuments/archaeological sites,

hospitals,schools,institutions, religious places,

heritage areas and places of other interests)

·      Specific environmental problems, if any

(such as water and air pollution, land spoliation

by natural & manmade factors, endemic diseases,

traffic congestion spots in the vicinity of project site,

loss of tree cover, open spaces etc.)

  •  Ground level concentrations(major parameters)



  •  Furnish wind rose diagram
  •  General meteorological data(wind direction,speed,rainfall,temperature)

 Details if any of heat islands, inversions, venturi effect

 Impacts on the conceptualization of the proposal  

  •  Human Resources

        i. Population of study area (10 km radius),

ii.Decadal growth rate, settlement pattern and growth,

iii. Socio-economic conditions

iv.Health: Endemic diseases, Mortality, Epidemics.

  •   Environmental assessment and suitability of the proposed

        development (specifically identifying the limits)





  • General description

(contours at 1m intervals)

  • Natural resources

i. f anyous substances                                     Water:

·        ground water table, rate of recharge

present restrictions on drawal, available yield,

quality of water (physical, chemical, biological)

·        surface water location, source and yield,

present use (for agriculture, human consumption, industry, etc.)

ii.Ambient air quality levels (standard parameters including  noise)

iii. Minerals:  type, location, quantum(estimated)


consumption pattern for hydrocarbons,

gas, electricity and any other non-conventional energy source


  • Details of new construction

Plot coverage, height, FSI (permissible/proposed)

Building materials for construction

(may cover the quantities, source, processes involved,

 special attributes such as life cycle costs,

efforts towards greening the supply chain


  • Details of public utilities required for the project during:

      (may be indicated separately for 

       construction & operation phases


               i. Water supply:


a.       Source of water supply and quantities to be drawn.

b.      Type of treatment, if any.

c.       Continuous/Intermittent supply

d.      Storage capacity in Kiloleters


                ii. Sewage, Collection, Treatment & Disposal


a.       Mode of collection of domestic effluent                             

                                                               -Surface drains


                                                         -System and capacity


                  b. Mode of treatment                           

                                                   -Septic tank and filters (capacity)

                                                  -Biological treatment capacity & other details


b.      Mode of disposal

- Soakpits / Disposal to local sewer / water             bodies(specify)                                                                                                          -Use for cultivation


iv.                 Solid Wastes:


-         estimated quantity of each  types of solid waste:

-         Mode of collection and disposal:

-         Recycling to be instituted, if any:


v.                    Power System:


-Sources of power and supply capacity

-Distribution System

-Alternate supply for essential services

                    -DG Set: Type of  fuel used and capacity


  • Impact of the new  development on the surrounding areas


1.      Traffic management at peak hours

2.      Provision of service roads

3.      Buffer zone planned, if so, details

4.      Activities likely to come up in the surrounding areas

from the project during construction & operation phases  

5.      Agencies and the measures proposed to regulate

unplanned developments like slums, shops, etc.


  • State briefly impacts predicted on the quality and quantity

      of natural resources from the proposed new development:

-         Air quality

-         Vegetation

-         Animal/Aquatic life

-         Surface/ Ground Water

  • State briefly impacts predicted on the quality and quantity

      of manmade features from the proposed new development:

              -   Transport Linkages:

a.       Road

b.      Rail

c.       Water

d.      Air

e.       Others

-  Heritage areas/ecologically sensitive areas

·        Landscaping /Tree Plantation           

i.         Numbers and types of  trees to be planted

      inside & outside the plot:

a.        Parks and gardens

b.        Along roads and pedestrian movement

c.        In public areas

                         ii.  Other special features of proposed landscape design

                         iii. Likely impacts from proposed landscaping


  • Any other relevant information of environmental significance-such as disabled-friendly design, flyash utilization, Greening of supply chain, heat islands/inversions/venturi effects, Timber-free construction, Green rating, energy efficiency for lighting & ventilation, Intelligent building, life cycle costs, measurable design impacts on human health, indoor environment related to  occupational health etc.







1. Land purchase agreement

2. Building approvals from local authority

3. Landuse/Zoning particulars-relevant portions from the prevailing local Regulations

4. Landscape plans with proposed tree plantation

6. Rainwater harvesting plan

8. Sewage treatment plant-details with a writeup

9. Water balance statement

10. Cost estimates inclusive of land cost

11. Fire protection measures & approvals obtained

12. Public hearing report

13. Incorporation of points raised in public hearing

14.Approval of competent authorities in case of conversion of agricultural land, change of landuse,DC rules

15. Construction schedule (CPM/PERT chart)

16. Statement on the machinery & manpower during construction

17. Approval from special bodies (such as Urban Art Commission or heritage areas)

18.Approvals if applicable from ASI, Civil Aviation, ecologically sensitive areas, coastal development regulations,

19. Solid waste collection /disposal plan

20. Vehicle parking and management

21. Storm water drainage

22. Comprehensive listing of building materials for construction

23.Energy balance studies, if carried out

23.Executive summary of REIA

24.Rapid EIA of proposed project

25.Schedule-II Application Form for EC


May be addressed to:


Shri R.Chandramohan,                            

Joint Secretary(CCI-II),

Ministry of Environment & Forests,

C.G.O Complex, Lodi Road,

New Delhi 110003

Telefax:24362551       email:-


Shri S.Shiva Kumar,

Director,IA Division,

Ministry of Environment & Forests,

C.G.O.Complex, Lodi Road,

New Delhi 110003

Telefax:24360695       email:-