New Delhi, the 10th July, 2002

S.O. 730(E): In exercise of the powers conferred by Section 23 of the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 (29 of 1986), the Central Government hereby delegates the powers vested in it under Section 5 of the said Act to the Chairman, Central Pollution Control Board to issue directions to any industry or any local or other authority for the violation of the standards and rules relating to hazardous waste, bio-medical waste, hazardous chemicals, industrial solid waste, municipal solid waste including plastic waste notified under the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 subject to the condition that the Central Government may revoke such delegation of powers in respect of all the State Governments or any one of them or may itself invoke the provisions of Section 5 of the Act, if in the opinion of the Central Government such a course of action is necessary in public interest.

K.C. MISRA, Spl. Secy.