( To be published in the Gazette of India in Part II, Section 3, Sub-Section (ii ) )






New Delhi, the 7th June, 2005


S.O. 774 ( E).  -             In exercise of the powers conferred by clause (b)  of sub-section (1) of section 12 and section 13 of the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 (29 of 1986) read with rule 10 of the Environment (Protection)  Rules, 1986, the Central Government hereby recognises the laboratories specified  below as environmental laboratories to carry out the functions entrusted to the environmental laboratories under the said Act and the rules made thereunder, and the persons specified in column (3) of the said Table to be the Government Analysts for the purposes of analysis of samples of air, water, soil or other substances sent for analysis by the Central Government or the officer empowered under Section 11 of the said Act, and for that purpose makes the following further amendment in the notification of the Government of India in the Ministry of Environment and Forests, number S.O.728(E) dated the 21st July, 1987, namely:-

            In the Table appended to the said notification, after serial number  122 and the entries relating thereto, the following serial numbers and entries shall be inserted, namely:-


S.No.                            Name of the Laboratory                               Name of the Analyst


( 1 )                                                ( 2 )                                                      ( 3 )



123.                   M/s  Precitech Laboratories,                         I) Dr. Hemalkumar  Naik

204-206, Balkrishna Complex, 2nd Floor,     2) Sh. Yogesh  Joshi

GIDC Commercial Zone, Opp.                     3) Sh. Rujul   Bhati

Telephone  Exchange, Char Rasta              4) Sh. Joshi Kanan

VAPI -  396 195, Gujarat.








: 2 :


 124.                   M/s  Vitro Labs,                                                  I)  Sh. Kosna Venkateswar Reddy

 2-2-647/A/3, 3rd Floor,                                        2) Sh. Cheedalla Narasimha Rao

Karur Vysya Bank Building, Shivam Road,         3) Sh. Kande Satish Kumar

Hyderabad - 500 013.



   125.              M/s  Newcon Consultants & Laboratories,             I) Sh. Anil Kumar Chaudhry

                              8th K.M. Stone, Delhi Meerut Road, Morta              2)  Sh. Amit Kumar Singh

                               Ghaziabad -201003 (UP).                                      3) Sh. Ghanshyam Das


    126.               M/s   Spectro Analytical Labs (P) Ltd.,                  

                                C-55, Okhla Industrial Area,                                   1)  Sh. Umesh Gupta

                                 Phase-I, New Delhi-110020.                                 2)  Ms. Divya Chauhan

3) Sh. Somvir Singh


            127.               M/s Klean Laboratories,                                        I)  Sh. Vishwas Waman Kale                                                                     

                                 1340 Shivajinagar, Opp. Premier Garage,             2)  Sh. Sanjay Kamakar Mardikar

                                 Pune -411005.                                                        3) Sh. Pathan Nargis Latif


128.              M/s Startech Labs  Pvt. Ltd.,                                  I)  Sh. V. Vaidyanathan

2nd Floor, SM Chambers,                                       2)  Dr. Upendra  Tripathi

H.No.1-58/7, Opp. St. Ann's Jr. College,               3)  Ms. Suhasini Srivastava

Madina Guda, Seri Lingampally,

Hyderabad - 500 050.                                                                                                         


2.         The recognition of laboratories mentioned at  serial numbers 123 -  128  of the Table  shall be valid for a period of five years from the date of publication of this notification and such  recognition  may be revoked earlier by the Central Government ".


                                                                                                                      { F.No.Q.15018/ 7/2003 -CPW}

R. K.  VAISH, Jt. Secy.

Note:- The principal notification was published in the Gazette of India vide number S.O. 728(E) dated 21st July, 1987 and subsequently amended vide:-


S.O. 838(E) dated 23rd September, 1987, S.O. 989  (E), dated 17th November, 1987, S.O. 156 (E) dated 24th February, 1989, S.O. 489 (E), dated 17th May, 1989, S.O. 846 (E) dated 24th October, 1989, S.O. 375 (E), dated 26th April, 1990, S.O.633 (E) dated 31st August, 1994, S.O.54(E), dated 15th January, 1997,

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