Forest Development Agencies (FDAs): FDAs are to be registered as Federation of all Joint Forest Management Committees (JFMCs) within a territorial/wildlife forest divisions under the Societies’ Registration Act, with the following structure:


General Body

Executive Body

Chairperson- Conservator of Forests




Presidents of JFMC General Bodies, not more than 50 at any time, to be nominated by Chairperson on rotational basis for a period of one year[1], of which 20 would be women representatives. In the event adequate number of women chairpersons are not available, the women representatives will be drawn from the members of the General Bodies of JFMCs.


One non-official representative to be nominated by the apex institutional framework of Panchayats.


Range Forest Officers, ACFs/ SDFOs.

Chairperson- Conservator of Forests


Member Secretary cum Chief Executive Officer – Divisional Forest Officer




Ex-officio Members (without voting rights) –


District Development Officer, District level Officers of Agriculture, Rural Development, Animal husbandry, Soil Conservation, Tribal Welfare, Industries, Public Health & Engineering, and Education Departments[2]. 


ADM/AC to be nominated by DC/DM3.


One non-official representative to be nominated by the apex institutional framework of Panchayats.


Fifteen nominees from the JFMCs, to include minimum of 7 women[3].

Note 1: FDAs for the Wildlife Divisions shall be confined to the territorial jurisdiction of protected area network under their control.

Note 2: Executive Body of the FDA will co-opt the experts (without voting rights) in such disciplines as are not represented to advise on the preparation of microplans and for implementing specific components of the projects. 

Note 3:  . In case the situations so warrant, the respective State Governments may also include participation of other Divisional Forest Officers –in- charge of Social Forestry/ Minor Forest Produce/ IWDP/ Soil Conservation, etc Divisions in the Executive Body of the FDA as ordinary members. However, the concerned Territorial/ Wildlife DFO shall continue to be the Member Secretary/ Chief Executive Officer of the FDA.


The General Body will meet at least once in a year, while the Executive Body will meet at least once in three months.


Activities of FDAs


(i)                   Implementation of centrally sponsored afforestation schemes.

(ii)                 Other beneficiaries oriented activities like agro forestry, avenue plantations.

(iii)                Take steps for value addition and marketing of produce.

(iv)               Inventorisation of land and other natural resources.

(v)                 Environmental education.

(vi)               Awareness and active association in protection against poaching and illicit felling of timber.

(vii)              Establishment and management of decentralised nurseries with marketing arrangements.

(viii)            Assist in management of CPRs.

(ix)                Address socio-economic needs of people.

(x)                  Management of existing captive water resources in the villages.

(xi)                Active involvement in forest fire fighting operations.

(xii)               Monitoring of activities of local NGOs.


Functions of FDAs


(i)                   Approve plans for all afforestation related activities in forest fringe villages, including the microplans.

(ii)                 Provide support and assistance to JFMCs for micro planning.

(iii)                Organise training and awareness programmes.

(iv)               Implementation of water harvesting and soil conservation measures with appropriate approvals.

(v)                 Inter se prioritisation for scheme- and activity-wise financial outlays.

(vi)               Decide entry point activities.

(vii)              Formulate guidelines for utilisation and sharing of usufruct.

(viii)            Evolve rules for use of funds created.

(ix)                Improvise technological improvements.

(x)                  Develop Guidelines for employment generation opportunities.

(xi)                Establish and maintain decentralised nurseries.

(xii)               Coordinate and Monitor the activities of their constituent JFMCs.

(xiii)             Conceptualise innovative schemes, viz. establishment of botanical gardens, sacred groves etc.

(xiv)             Deal with contingencies such as drought, flood and forest fires.

(xv)               Coordinate with DRDAs and other relevant government departments to dovetail their schemes and programmes with afforestation schemes so that watersheds can be developed in a holistic manner.   


[1] A person who has served on the General Body would be eligible for re-nomination after two years  of the expiry of his previous tenure.


[2] In case the forest division falls in more than one district, representatives of all concerned districts will be nominated to function on the Executive Body. 


[3] A member who does not attend three consecutive meetings of the Executive Body shall be disqualified from the Executive Body.