Composition of Joint Forest Management Committees (JFMCs)/ EDCs



(i) General Body: All adult members of the village subject to their willingness. The meetings of the General body will be chaired by the President who would be elected by consensus/majority vote and will hold this position for a period of one year. It will be ensured that a woman member is elected as President at least once in three year. Member Secretaries of the Executive Body shall be ex officio member the General Body.


(ii) Executive Body: The President of the General Body shall also function as President of the Executive Body. The respective forester/block forest officers shall be the Member Secretary of this body. Treasurer would be appointed from the members of the respective JFMC by the member secretary in consultation with the President. The bank account of the JFMC shall be jointly operated by the treasurer and the Member Secretary. One member representing the Panchayat of the area in which JFMC falls will be nominated by the Member Secretary. There shall be 6 other members drawn from the General Body who would be nominated by the Member Secretary in consultation with the President, of whom three shall be women.


Functions of JFMCs/ EDCs: To assist in:


(i) Preparation of microplans.

(ii) Choice of species to be planted.

(iii) Suggesting physical and financial targets.

(iv) To propose entry point activities.

(v) Awareness programmes and usufruct sharing mechanisms.

(vi) Fund Creation Activities.