1.                  Name of the FDA, JFMC/ EDC and their detailed composition.


2.                  Location of the project


-                     Name of the State, District, Forest Division with head quarters, Block and Villages.

-                     Map of the project area (s).

- Extent and description of the watershed including their standard identification number as per National Watershed Atlas of India.

- Extent of forestland, community land, panchayat land etc.

- Total treatable area to be taken up under the project.


3. General description of the forest covered by the Territorial/ Wildlife Division


4. Extent and Distribution of Forest Area:-

- Dense, open and scrub forest

- Composition of forests


5. Socio-Economic Profile of the villages to be included in the project area. (To be furnished for each project village.)


-                     Total Population SC/ST/OBC and others.

-                     Number of households.

-                     Land holding and distribution.

-                     Total Livestock population.

-                     Number and category of livestock.

-                     Total estimated fodder requirement and its present availability indicating the source of supply.

- Total estimated fuelwood requirement and its present availability indicating the source of supply.

-                     Gap in supply and demand of fuelwood and fodder.

-                     Existence of JFMCs and activities undertaken in the past in protection and development of forests.


6. Degree of pressure on forest resources:

-                     Fuelwood

-                     Fodder

-                     Grazing

-                     Small Timber

-                     NTFP

-                     Others


7.                  Interventions Required:


-                     Aided Natural Regeneration.

-                     Artificial Regeneration.

-                     Pasture Development.

-                     Coastal shelterbelt Plantations.

-                     Bamboo Plantation.

-                     Plantation of Canes.

-                     Mixed plantation of trees having MFP and Medicinal values.

-                     Regeneration of perennial herbs and shrubs of Medicinal values.


8. Work Schedule as per the micro plan showing phasing and costing of Individual Activities (give physical and financial figures for each intervention, year-wise, for the project duration.


9. The approved prevailing wage rates in the project area (s)/ District. (Copy of the relevant order to be enclosed)


10. Mutual obligations, responsibilities which villages are willing to undertake and indicators of success.


7.                  Sharing of usufructs as per the provisions made in the JFM Rsolution of the State.


8.                  Capacity Building through training of project personnel.

9.                   Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting Schedule.


10.              Fund flow mechanism. Undertaking to the effect that the procedure laid down by the NAREB, MoEF in this regard shall be followed by the Chairperson and the Member Secretary of the FDA.