1.                 The commencement of the evaluation of the project will be reckoned from the date of receipt of first instalment.

2.                 The grant shall be utilized only for the purpose for which it has been sanctioned, and shall not be diverted for any other purpose.

3.                 No part of the grant shall be utilized for purchase of equipment and establishment of a permanent nature.

4.                 The grantee shall furnish regular periodical reports about the progress of the project and such other reports and statements as may be prescribed or called for by the Government from time to time.

5.                 The grantee shall be open to inspection by an officer of the Central/State Government or any other person nominated by the Central/State Government.

6.                 The grantee shall endeavor to maintain standards of services and those of administrative, financial and procedural nature.

7.                 The grantee shall maintain its account for the financial year corresponding to that of the Central Government.

8.                 The expenditure accounts of the grant duly audited shall be maintained properly and separately as distinct from expenditure accounts of other activities and submitted to the Government. They shall always be open to check by an officer of the Central/State Government of their representatives. They shall always be open to a test check by the Comptroller of Auditor General of India at his discretion.

9.                 When the Central Government have reasons to believe that the sanctioned money is not being utilized for the approved purpose, the payment of grants may be stopped and the earlier grants recovered with interest. In such a case the defaulting organization shall have to refund the grant together with interest.

10.             The evaluation work shall be completed within four months of the date of commencement. The final report in the prescribed format available at Ministry’s website ( in six printed copies will be submitted along with a soft copy on a CD/DVD. The release of the final installment would be subject to the timely completion of the evaluation and submission of the report.

11.             The funds will be released in three installments as follows :

a.      40% as 1st installment on receipt of acceptance letter and bond from evaluator.

b.     30% as 2nd installment on receipt of final report.

c.      30% as 3rd installment on acceptance of final report.


12.             All costs are included in the remuneration. The remuneration fixed for the evaluation is final and cannot be enhanced under any circumstances. NAEB will not take any liabilities  accruing in the course of the evaluation.


Sampling Design :-


13.             The evaluator will compile information of socio-economic profile and forest/afforestation details of all NAP – JFMCs in the FDA, and randomly  select statistically significant number of JFMCs for in-depth study based on a stratified-random sample.  The whole design should be statistically sound, so that there is least human-bias.  The sampling design shall be described in detail, in addition to the information in the prescribed format for evaluation report.


Consultation with FDA official :-


14.             Before the start and on the conclusion of the field study, the evaluator will hold elaborate discussions with the chairperson and chief executive officer of the FDA, and record the summary of discussions along with the time of the meetings in the Evaluation Report to be submitted to NAEB.


Grading of the Project :-


15.             The evaluator will provide a clear consistent, concise and coherent justification for assigning scores (1-10) for the various parameters listed for grading the FDA Project.


Interactive Meetings :-


16.             The evaluator, if requested by NAEB (or, an agency on behalf of NAEB) in this regard, shall present the findings of the Evaluation Report in a workshop/seminar/meeting organized for this purpose.  Travel expenses and sitting fee as per scale/rates prescribed by NAEB will be paid to the evaluator. In the event of the evaluator failing to attend the meeting/workshop/seminar to present their Report without cogent and sufficient reasons, NAEB will withhold future payment, if any, for the Evaluation Study, and / or debar the evaluator from works awarded by NAEB, MoEF or other Central Government Ministries.


17.             The intellectual property right of the evaluation Study and its outputs shall be that of Government of India.