Sanctions/Release Orders During(2010-11)

Sanction Order Release Order
February January
22nd February(Halisahar town,RFD and EC) 5th January(Shibpur,3 DPR for Fuleswari,Jorapani and Panchanol)
22nd February(Hoogly-Chinsurah,RFD and EC) February
22nd February(Uttarpara-kotrang,RFD and EC) 2nd February(Mumbai,TATA Consulting Engineers Limited)
22nd February(Budge-Budge,RFD) 11th February(Lucknow,UP Jal Nigam)
22nd February(Konnagar,RFD) 14th February(The Energy and Resources Institute(New Delhi),Environment & social Assessment Including Management Framework)
22nd February(Allahabad,Sewerage Works In Sewerage) 17th February(IIT Delhi,DPR)
22nd February(North Barrackpore,RFD)
22nd February(Gayeshpur,Sewerage System and STP) 1st Mrach(Kolkata(KMDA),7-RFD)
24th February(Moradabad,Prevention of pollution of river Ramganga) 10th Mrach(Kolkata,2 DPR of Sewerage of Kalyani Municipal Town and Sewerage of Pujali Municipal Town)
10th Mrach(AMU(Aligarh),DPR for the Scheme of Sewerage Works at Allahabad)
24th February(Kannauj Sewerage Scheme (Phase-2)) 14th Mrach(IIT Delhi,DPR For the Scheme of Kannauj Sewerage Scheme Phase-II,UP)
24th February(Garhmukteshwar, Sewerage System and STP) 14th Mrach(IIT Roorkee,DPR and Guidelines Prepparation)
15th Mrach(IIT Roorkee,Appraisal of 6 DPRs of Various Town of Utter Pradesh)
18th Mrach(Housing and Urban Development Corporation Ltd.,Appraisal of 5 DPRs of Various Towns of Uttarakhand)
1st March(Bhatpara,Sewerage System and STP)
1st March(Kalyani town,Sewerage System and STP)
29th Mrach(TCEL Mumbai ,for Technical Review Financial Analysis and Preparation of Bid Documents)
8th March(Hajipur,Sewerage and Sewage Treatment) 29th Mrach(TCEL Mumbai, for Technical Review Financial Analysis and Preparation of Bid Documents)
8th March(Begusarai,Sewerage and Sewage Treatment)
8th March(Buxar,Sewerage and Sewage Treatment)
8th March(Munger,Sewerage and Sewage Treatment)
17th March(Joshimath Town,Interception & Diversion) 30th Mrach(Bengal Engineering Science University Howrah,DPR for Sewerage Project of Bhatpara Town)
23rd March(Jwalapur,STP(18 MLD Capacity)) 30th Mrach(The Energy and Resources Institute,New Delhi for Environment & Social Assessment Including Management Framework)
23rd March(Jwalapur(Ahbab Nagar),Sewerage System)
23rd March(Tapovan area,Sewerage System and STP) May
23rd March(Gangotri Dham,Sewerage System and STP) 5th May(IIT Kanpur,Compendium on Sewage Treatment Technologies)
23rd March(Rishikesh,Sewerage System) 28th May(UP Jal Nigam,Implementation of Sewerage and non-Sewerage Schemes for Pollution Abatement at Allahabad)
29rd March(Varanasi,Development of around Assi Ghat)
May July
6th May(Allahabad,Sewerage and non-sewerage schemes for pollution abatement) 26th July(Haridwar-Rishikesh,7 Scheme of I&D and STP)
June August
4th June(IIT Kanpur,Detalled technical & financial proposal on GRBMP)
24th June(Panihati,RFD of 16 Ghats)
24th June(Kamarhati,RFD of 13 Ghats)
29th June(Titagarh,RFD of 4 Ghats)
29th June(Bally Municipality town,RFD of 7 Ghats) 20th August(Center for Environment Education(Ahmedabad),Proposal of Imparting Education and Awareness Generation for Conservation of Gangetic Dolphin )
July September
14th July(Varanasi,JICA assisted Ganga Action Plan(GAP) Phase-||) 16th September(Monitoring and Inspection Arrangements under NGRBA and NRCP)
21st July(Haridwar,Setting up of Ganga Exibition) 29th September(IIT Kanpur,Technical & Financial Proposal on Preparing GRBMP under NGRBA)
18th August(IIT Kanpur,Development of GRBMP) 30th September(UP Jal Nigam for Implementation of GAP-II Project at Varanasi(UP))
13th September(Bhagirathi and Alaknanda,Assessment of Cumulative Impact of Hydro Power Projects )
16rd September(Monitoring and Inspection Arrangements under NGRBA)