First Meeting of NGRBA....

A project proposal is planned to be posed to the World Bank for an initial investment to the tune of approximately US $ 1 billion. The areas of cooperation where assistance from the World Bank is required for the NGRBA include;
   Creation of sewerage infrastructure in pollution hotspots and other important towns along Ganga;

   Industrial pollution control setting up of common effluent treatment plants, action plans for industrial hotspots, etc ;

   Strengthening of State Pollution Control Boards for better compliance and enforcement;

   Water conservation in agriculture, industrial sector, and municipalities for increasing flows. Reuse and recycle of treated water. Rainwater harvesting;

   Decentralised treatment systems;

   Energy efficiency;

   Revamping of Water Quality Monitoring Programme;

   River front development;

   Solid waste management;

   Capacity building of NGRBA executive; and

   Research and development.